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2 Brands that Use Effective Message Strategy on Social Media

Here are two brands that use Message Strategy to persuade social media users to engage or buy their products.


Fabletics is a global activewear brand that offers affordable, high-quality, and stylish workout and at-leisure clothes for both men and women. Following the success of the first collection, today Fabletics has released its second, limited-edition collection with entertainer Liza Koshy. Koshy has been involved in the curation of the collection and now is featured in advertisements on social media platforms. Fabletics is utilizing a well-known celebrity/influencer like Liza Koshy to not only draw attention to the new product but also the brand as a whole. This partnership acts as a messaging strategy to illustrate Fabletic’s affordable and high-quality products. The target audience on social media is more likely to purchase this collection through the credibility Liza Koshy has built with her audience. Koshy says “this drop is custom made to induce your comfort and confidence…We added purposeful details to every style– whether it’s Fabletics’s iconic pockets, custom zippers, adjustable belts or buttons, this collection is function at its finest”.  Messaging like this will help create a second successful launch, consumer engagement on social media, and customer loyalty amongst the intended target audience.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a makeup line created by actress and singer Selena Gomez to bring a “feel good” and breathable formula that strays from hiding your uniqueness. This brand’s key theme is to highlight everyone’s individuality through their makeup instead of using it as a mask for their insecurities. Most of the company’s advertisement is displayed on social media through the message strategy in one of two ways. The first is founder Selena Gomez appearing in social media posts discussing new products and the distinct point-of-difference this makeup company has compared to others. She speaks about the importance of individuality and looking like yourself while wearing makeup. The second is featuring everyday people of all different skin tones and genders to try on and speak about their positive experiences with the Rare Beauty products and promote their self-love messaging in the process. This dual message strategy is proving to amount trust with their target audience and break the unrealistic beauty standards of perfection the beauty industry has been advertising for decades.

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