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3 Benefits Micro-Influencers Can Have On Your Small Business

Let’s show how micro-influencers can be an asset to small businesses.

Micro-Influencers are influencers whose size and reach are smaller than macro-influencers. They have a follower count ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 on their social media platforms. You might be asking yourself: Why wouldn’t I invest in an individual with a larger scope? But micro-influencers have their own advantages. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, micro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 3.86% on Instagram while mega influencers have an average rate of 0.37%. Here are three reasons why your small business should invest in micro-influencers.

Great Authenticity

Micro-influencers are known to boost your brand’s trust with your target audience. These kinds of influencers feel more authentic to the everyday viewer. They aren’t as known. More relatable to the everyday consumer. Some might even be local to your area. This can be an amazing strategy to maximize your brand’s credibility with the consumer.

Increased Engagement

A collaboration or partnership with these micro-influencers has its lasting impacts, specifically when it comes to engagement. With smaller audiences, these individuals are able to garner more personal relationships with their followers. Whether it’s on Instagram live to a Youtube Q&A, these micro-influencers are able to cultivate a more authentic relationship with the consumer than a celebrity would have. Brands can utilize these connections and turn them into an increase in engagement.

Cost Effective

You might not be getting the reach you are looking for. The millions of followers every brand would love exposure from. But what micro influencers lack in scope they make up in costs. They are a cost effective asset to your social media plan. They become an extension of your brand family as a creative partner. Now you have a long-term advocate who gels with your brand voice. To complement each other. You treat this less as a business transaction but more like a relationship. Bringing micro influencers onto your team can enhance not only your exposure online but strengthen your team as a whole. Now you have a brand advocate.

All in all, micro-influencers are a great way to build connections with your target consumer. They are able to successfully facilitate authentic relationships between brand and consumer. Micro-influencers are the perfect investment for small business owners. What’s lacking in celebrity scope is replaced with genuine connections and engagements with your everyday consumer. They aren’t called “influencers” for nothing!

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