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3 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Will Only Get More Popular

Mobile advertising is on the rise worldwide.

Mobile advertising is the top mobile ad market in the world. According to Statista, there was a record 223 billion US dollars spent on mobile advertising worldwide. This high volume investment mirrors today’s viral mobile phone and social media use. We all carry cell-phones. They are all attached to our hips, quite literally. Most of us are addicted to it without realizing it. Some of us are very aware of it, but use it just as much. It’s not an addiction that we can cut so easily. According to MediaMath Academy, 69% of users use their media time on their mobile and of that allotted time 80% of the time is dedicated to apps. We have become dependent on our mobile devices, making it the perfect platform for advertising.

It’s More Personal

Like I said, Mobile devices go with us everywhere. They live in our pockets, purses, bags, cupholders, counters and so on. They are an extension to our daily lives. A connection to everything we know or need to know. So, it would make sense that advertising, via a mobile device, would create a more personal space for advertising. Everything feels more personal when it’s just a tap away. You are more likely to check on a mobile Ad than an Internet ad following a notification. As a whole it curates a one-to-one relationship between the buyer and seller that effectively increases product awareness, product engagement and sales.

Location, Location, Location!

The only thing that has knowledge of our whereabouts is our mobile phones. This is a huge advantage for mobile advertising for one huge reason. If they know where you are you can be sent advertisements or discounts of businesses in your area. For example, if you step foot in your local mall and an ad is sent to you about a coupon for a “10% you’re next coffee order” in the cafe at the food court. Small businesses at large heavily rely on mobile advertising or internet advertising for this very reason. It helps local business connect with local consumers.

Social Media

According to MarketingDive, Gen Z and baby boomers both spent 30% more of their free time on their favorite apps in the last year. We are not just seeing a rise in the younger generations. This is a group effort. As a result of the pandemic, social media in 2020 boomed and recorded a record high spike of 325% in user time. Between Instagram and the surge of TikTok advertisements ithas been the perfect platform to utilize. With the help of influencer marketing becoming a vital fixture in app marketing, advertising at large has gone mobile with the proven rise in sales, engagement, product awareness and consumer loyalty.

To Sum Things Up: Mobile advertising is not only very effective but very personal. It taps, quite literally, into who you are not only as a consumer but also an individual. Allows marketers to be with you every step of the way. It opens the opportunity to engage with your consumers, to persuade, inspire or educate them. At the end of the day, a brand’s relationship to its consumer is just inches away.

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