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3 Storytelling Trends in 2022

There are a lot of benefits to telling a story. Did you know that 65% of our daily conversations are rooted in storytelling? It might be crazy to think but storytelling is as ancient as human beings are. We tell stories to make sense of the world around us. So it’s no surprise that marketers would take advantage of this long reigning trend. There’s a lot of strategy that falls into marketing storytelling. The marketer’s choice of dialogue, angles, themes, elements, individuals and even music all play an important role in executing a successful story. So here are three current trends making an impact right now:

Data Storytelling

I know “data” can feel like a scary word but it can be a marketer’s most vital asset. It helps shape context to a story. Data can help bring current trends, topics and conversations into the light around the world. It can highlight present problems we are facing in society. Maybe, your brand can solve it? The data storytelling framework also bodes well for the collection of data within the brands business model. Spotify is a great example of this. The company monitors which songs a user listens to in order to determine what songs best fit for the users playlist. At the end of every year, Spotify releases your top most played songs/artists and people share these figures on their social media. It not only engages the users with their own data insights but it promotes the brand itself. It starts conversations. Stories.

Visual Storytelling

According to Delhi School of Internet Marketing, 20% of website visitors will read text while 80% will watch a video. Visual storytelling allows marketers to put faces, colors, themes and personality to a brand. It can bring attention to your business and cement long-term brand loyalty. The vitality of social media shows how our medium of communication has shifted to visual storytelling. For example, business owners regularly post videos or on social media to promote and familiarize their target audience with their brand online. Just take Caroline Vazzana, an author and fashion editor coined “ A Modern Carrie Bradshaw ”, posts her outfits daily to promote her expertise in the fashion industry and engage with her target audience.

Influencer Storytelling

Some of us might roll our eyes when we think of influencers, but collaborating with the influencers can have a positive impact on your brand. Brands can use influencers to be an extension of their brand. A voice to communicate the brand’s messaging to the influencer’s audience. It has the potential to increase engagement, raise exposure, secure legitimacy and elevate brand loyalty. If users truly believe the influencer they follow loves the brand the user is more likely to recommend or create a relationship with the brand itself. For example, Victoria Secret just revealed the addition of TikToker Remi Bader as “an ambassador of size consultant” as they strive to become more size inclusive. This partnership will help create positive public opinion amongst consumers after previous controversy of the brand for their lack of size inclusivity and diversity.

These days consumers crave an immersive experience. They don’t want just static text. We watch and share TikToks, Instagram Reels, Youtube vlogs, and Podcasts. Storytelling is evolving each and every day alongside us. So it’s up to us to harness this tool and capture people’s eyes.

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