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5 Ways Salesforce Proves to be an Effective Tool for Businesses

Here are some benefits to Salesforce.

The American cloud-based software company called Salesforce offers customer relationship management services, enterprise applications, a focus on customer service, marketing automation, application development and data analytics. According to Revolve Soft Tech, Salesforce has accumulated over 150,000 customers over the years. Why is that? Could it be that according to Salesforce Customer Success an average increase of 25% revenue in companies who switched to the software? Or could it be the 35% increase in customer satisfaction illustrated by Salesforce Customer Success? Yes, these reasons and many more are why companies are using this software to enhance their businesses. If you aren’t convince yet here are some more reasons why you should use it:

  1. Its Flexible- Salesforce is a customizable platform which gives its users a broader use for all types of businesses and brands. It is able to thrive in a variety of business models by targeting the specific needs of the users. Businesses can customize their marketing campaigns to observe and report their success to the point of a fully optimized system. It becomes an autonomous interface that helps business employees serve customers, collaborate within the company, share files, track marketing campaigns and most importantly make more sales!
  2. It’s all about the AppExchange- Everyone spends their days now on their phones. So, why wouldn’t Salesforce find refuge on your hand-held screen? Salesforce’s AppExchange is the world’s largest business app marketplace with over 3,100 applications available. It provides an open forum for customers to discover the applications to fulfill their needs. It is a melting pot for new ideas, making deeper connections, providing accessibility and multitude of resources.
  3. Gives you that Customer Info- People use Salesforce for its lengthy information. That is, customer information. Salesforce provides a comprehensive look into the inner workings of sales. It visualizes and tracks individual accounts, contacts, events, tasks, opportunities and leads. Also, it gives your company a lot of insights before you even begin to approach the customer. This way your customer profile is organized. You no longer have to worry about heavy manila folders filled with reports or lengthy spreadsheets.
  4. Team Collabs and Productivity- This software allows its users the ability to collaborate amongst coworkers. It helps you easily communicate with your team by using the “Chatter” feature. It lets you talk about potential customers, clients and other work-oriented information. You can add new team members. Schedule their tasks. Work together to get more leads and increase sales.
  5. You Plan Out that Account- Planning is essential for the success of a business. That’s why Salesforce offers a plethora of planning resources to help streamline your time management skills. You have all the tools to organize tasks and work towards reaching your goals with clients. It offers a built-in calendar so you can better visualize all the leads you will be chasing all year long.
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