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Best Channel Strategies to Center Your  Focus in 2022

These are some strategies that help brands connect with their customers.

Social Media 

Social Media is the first and obvious choice. We all have it. It’s sometimes the first thing we engage with after we snooze is an alarm for the day. Social Media’s initial purpose was to connect with old and new friends. We monitor and engage with friends, family, co-workers, influencers and even celebrities from the comfort of their homes on a daily basis. It’s given us this amazing 24/7 connectivity to information, making it a perfect medium for brands to advertise their products or services.According to Sprout Social, consumers are six times more likely to make a purchase found on a product page that has pictures from social media. The social platforms give brand’s credibility with their target audience.It adds a layer of authenticity that has filtered in with traditional media. For example, think about how you order food now at a restaurant. You read through the option on the menu the waiter hands you. But where do you go to make your final decision? You go on their instagram page and see how the food looks. These platforms not only connect us to one another now but they influence our purchasing behavior.


Podcasts have a similar effect on brands that social media has. It gives them a level of credibility. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Hootesuite reports a 15% increase in listening to podcasts. So picture this, or maybe I should say listen to this. Think about a podcast you listen to weekly. There might be a huge possibility that you see them as a friend, confidant or even mentor. In some way or another, you’ve built a level of comfort and trust with them. After all, they are a part of your lives anywhere you go. For a brand looking to gain customers, this is a huge platform to utilize. If these podcast hosts promote your product, it can give it the seal of approval and authenticity it needs for the consumer to engage and purchase from it. It can even cement your brand personality and voice. Pun Intended!


We are media-consuming machines these days. Younger consumers don’t have patience for long-form mediums. We have vine to blame for that. Video Marketing is a great way to capture and engage with a consumer’s brand audience in endless ways. Curating short videos to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or even Youtube. Create funny Instagram reels. Perform a trendy dance on TikTok. Post a vlog on Youtube promoting your brand’s product release. There are endless ways to use this form of storytelling to your advantage. Be creative!

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