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I love getting lost in digital viod

I am a blogger excited to share all the weird, trendy, and inspiring ways digital marketers are getting their voices out to the younger generations. Things are different these days people!

But first, let me share a little bit about myself.I grew up and now remain in the transient and colorful melting pot that is Miami. I went to an all-girls catholic high school (yes, I survived) and went on to graduate from Florida International University with a bachelor’s in Advertising. After spending two years as a Media/Data analyst at a SaaS company, I have cemented my love of the crazy complex nature of the digital landscape. I love to talk (too much I’ve been told). I listen to music scores in my free time. I have watched/rated every crime documentary and series out there. I am a pescatarian who does not have a diary( my family has coined me the”pescavegan”).

Finally, I love storytelling. In all its capacities, it’s my passion. So there’s no surprise that I would start this in my free time.

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I am a curious writer and passionate talker. If I have piqued your interest see what’s got me thinking lately.

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I started this blog to open up the conversation I had been keeping in my head with the rest of the internet. It has created an avenue to advance my understanding of my current line of work in analytics, showcase knowledge of digital marketing, expand my human connections and grow my network into a community of like-minded creative individuals. A digital hub of people with passions rooted in health, self-care, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and transparency.