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Did You Know We Have Three Brains?

Let’s break down the different ways we experience the world.

We have Three Brains.

Yes, you read that correctly three brains. According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, our purchasing decisions are 95% subconscious. Over the course of evolution, our brain is made up of three different brains interconnected by nerves. We inhabit the world in these three fields of consciousness. They are emotional, physical and rational minds and marketers can use them to their advantage.

Physical Brain

This is also called the Reptilian brain. It’s the most prehistoric element of our past. It guides our natural instincts. Behaviors like circulation, digestion, sleeping, walking, breathing, sexual reproduction, ect are driven by it. This is where our fight-or-flight response comes from. It lacks rationale and intellect. It evolves from life experiences. Marketers commonly appeal to human’s basic instincts to connect to our physical brain.

Rational Brain

This is also referred to as Neocortex. It’s divided into the right and left brain. The right brain is more artsy and abstract, while the left brain is your rational side. It’s the brain that decodes why we feel the way we feel about specific things. It deciphers our feelings. This is where the rational reason-to-believe comes into play for marketers. The rational brain is engaged with facts, insights, and data.

Emotional Brain

It is also called the Limbic System. Its purpose is to regulate the involuntary nervous system. The emotional brain cultivates bonds with groups, individuals, even brands. It controls our social bonds, attachments, and memories. It picks what we choose to pay attention to. Emotions drive us to take action. So, it’s no surprise marketers target this brain to bring out emotion, make connections with consumers, and drive engagement.

When we understand how information travels into the brain, that’s when we as markets know how to effectively connect to consumers. A person’s average attention span is only 8 seconds. You can create more favorable messaging in the medium of ads, website, video, social media, or any other form of content. The brain is the gateway to connecting with consumers. And it looks like you have three different avenues to choose from. So, choose wisely!

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