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Here are the 5 Types of Google Ads Campaigns

All the campaign options to choose from on Google Ads .

So what’s the big deal about Google Ads? Why use it? For one thing, Google itself has a huge reach globally. According to Search Engine Land, Google reported that it handles “trillions” of searches annually worldwide. If you really think about it, the concept of a trillion seems impossible to grasp. Not only that, but Google Ads gives accessibility to your prospective target audience throughout all stages of the buyer’s journey. Google Ads is low cost and offers the option to control your campaigns budget. You can build brand awareness. Drive traffic. Increase Conversion rates. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself: Why wouldn’t I use Google Ads?

Here are some Campaign options to choose from:

Search Network Campaign

These campaigns are text ads. It allows your ad to appear on hundreds of Google search partners like Youtube and Google Shopping alongside the obvious ones like Google Search and Maps. Viewers will be able to see your ad after searching terms related to the keywords you chose for your campaign. It has an easy setup process: just write out the text ads and choose your keywords. It’s that simple. This option is beneficial for boosting traffic, leads, or sales to your website.

Display Network Campaign

As users browse across millions of website and app options, this campaign can lead internet browsers to the visually appealing ad that makes up this campaign type. This can expand your ad possibilities to target people on different parts of the Web. It can be used to increase sales and signups, overall awareness and consideration of your prospective product, and the opportunity to remarket ads to people who are potential or preexisting consumers.

Video Campaign

This campaign allows you to display your video ads on Youtube and other Google Display Network properties. This type is often utilized to raise awareness of your brand or product, increase sales, boost leads, broaden your ad’s reach and remarket your ads to individuals who are new or existing customers.

App Campaign

If you choose this campaign, your ad will appear on Google Search, Google Play, Youtube, AdMob, Google Discover, and millions of other websites and apps. It helps you drive exposure, installs, engagements, and sales to your app. It offers a multi-channel marketing launch of a singular campaign on Display, Play, Search, and Youtube. Lastly, it’s easy to create and manage with its automated targeting, ad development, and customizable bidding.

Shopping Campaign

This is perfect if you are a retailer searching for a way to sell your product inventory through product listing. These campaigns are retail ads that show up on the Google Shopping tab and Google search results. Instead of using users’ keywords, Google will use your website’s product data and decide where and how to display your ad. This is a great choice if you want to promote through retail marketing, boost sales and leads and sell products to potential customers in your store’s radius.

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