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Here’s How to Tell Your Brand Story on Instagram

Learn how to use this digital and social platform to create brand storytelling.

Brand storytelling helps brands curate unique and personally tailored experiences for the target Brand storytelling helps brands curate unique and personally tailored experiences for the target consumer. As it stands the brand content alone is created independently from what the consumer needs. That’s where storytelling comes into play. It’s the bridge that connects the content to the consumer’s feelings. It engages our feelings and stays in our memories. Instagram provides brands with a digital landscape to showcase their stories. A platform available for handheld viewing. According to Social Media Perth, Instagram has over 1 billion users on the app monthly. That’s 1/7 of the world’s eyes as your potential viewers. So here’s how you can catch their attention.

Create a Visual Experience

Instagram as a whole is a visual platform. Every brand has the opportunity to utilize this visual landscape to deliver its brand’s story to the audience. Be consistent with your posting. Create a schedule that the audience can follow. Make yourselves stand out. Find what makes you unique and put a spotlight on it. Post-high-quality pictures and videos on your brand’s account. Keep it authentic to your brand identity and let people see the real you. 

Give A Look Behind the Scenes

Speaking of people seeing the real you, Instagram lets people see behind the curtain. Now you can give the audience a look into how your brand operates. You can showcase your interactions with customers. Even share the content of consumers tagging you on Instagram. The addition of this user-generated content can add credibility to your brand. It makes you real. It exposes the audience to your brand’s daily activities.

Instagram Live & Stories

These platform features allow you to tell your brand story in new and interesting ways. You can post daily stories on your account. Promoting product launches, collaborations or customer interactions. You can coordinate a day in the week where you go on Instagram live. This is where you can get life and real time interaction with your audience. Answer questions. Open up about an engaging topic. Do a Q&A if you’re brave! An Instagram account that is perfectly tailored and filtered does not attract the masses anymore. So introduce us to the real, raw and in the moment version of your brand.

Pew Research Center reports that 59% of United States adults use Instagram on a daily basis, with 38% of those visitors going onto the platform multiple times a day. It’s a valuable asset that helps you illustrate your brand story to your potential audience. Instagram affords you the means to create both engaging and authentic content. So, let Instagram close the digital gap between brand and consumer and connect your message to the audience!

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