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Here’s My Advice If You Want to Start a Website

3 tips I would give someone starting their own website.

Starting a website is a daunting task. For years, I always thought. Not me. Until I finally said why not me? Creating a website has its obstacles. A lot of times, you can feel like giving up before it’s ever up and running. So if you’ve been procrastinating on your website development, delaying your creative brainstorming sessions, or altogether avoiding it. Listen here, procrastinators! Here are 3 tips to follow when starting your own website:

Know Who You Want To Talk To

In the development stage of building a website, it’s so important to know your audience. Brainstorm who you want to have conversations with. What are these people like? What are their values, opinions, lifestyle choices, occupations etc.? Knowing your audience is a huge proponent of the creation of your website. Understanding who you want to be reading your blogs, digesting your tips, or being entertained by your content gives you an edge. If you know your audience you are one step closer to reaching them.

Share Your Story

Building a website is like creating a story. If you have embarked on starting your own website that means you have started page one of chapter one of your brand’s story. Tell us who you are. Tell us why you are here. Why you are the way you are and what has led you to this destination. The more you show up on the page the more likely people will connect with you. We are all just people trying to hear authentic stories from authentic people. Be one of those people! It might feel scary. It might feel invasive. But, be willing to share who you are.

Find Your Passions

People love following those with purpose. What is your brand’s mission statement? Think about it. Talk about it. Build content around it. What are you passionate about? Is there something you love talking about? Maybe something you regularly post on Instagram or share with friends. Does that fit into the narrative of your website? Take time to think about what you love and how that can be reflected in your website. Your audience will notice the difference. They will relate to your passions. Invest in your passions. More importantly, invest in you.

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