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How Dollar Shave Club Became a Digital Marketing Success?

How a new age shaving brand utilized Digital Marketing to advance its name to the top of the shaving industry.

What is Dollar Shave Club?

Who hates doing a last-minute run for razors? If you are anything like me and rather use a month-old razor this company might just be your grooming soulmate. Dollar Shave Club is an American-born company based in Venice, California. For a decade now, the brand has delivered razors and personal grooming essentials to customers by mail. Dollar Shave Club functions as a subscription program where the products are shipped to the consumer’s home on a monthly basis. By 2015, the company became the top online razor company with a 52.4% market share. Just a couple of years ago, Dollar Shave Club had acquired over 3.9 million subscribers with an overall increase of 10% a year. But how did they break the already saturated and hairy competition of the shaving industry? Easy, it’s their use of Digital Marketing.

It All Started With That Viral Video

According to SemRush Blog, that 85% of the United States internet users consume video content through the Youtube platform at least once a week. In 2012, Dollar Shave Club utilized the Youtube platform by releasing a video called “DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great”. The Youtube Ad now sits at 27M views and helped climb their youtube subscriber count to 38,100. It’s important to note that Youtube houses 1.8 billion users worldwide ready to consumer content. This rang as an opportunity to founder Michael Dubin who wrote and engined the content behind the viral video. Taking advantage of this digital platform has proved to create awareness, a long-lasting online presence with consumers, and an increase in customers.

It’s Their Online Interaction with Dollar Shave Members

According to Sprout Blog, 90% of United States marketers agree that Instagram is the most significant social media platform for influencer marketing. Dollar Shave Club invests its time into engaging with its audience on social media. The brand has built up a loyal following on Instagram and Facebook that can be instantly targeted with social campaigns. Dollar Shave Club also reposts their favorite posts from members and rewards them with brand products. This creates a cycle of cheaper relevant content in the hands of consumers at an instant. A cycle of engagement and encouragement to not only interact with the brand but be a part of the campaign themselves.

To Sum It Up

Dollar Shave Club is a company that owes its success to digital marketing. The brand was able to instantly reach, communicate and intrigue potential consumers with its viral Youtube video. The business rose to the top of a centuries-old industry by reaching consumers through the tools in this new digital age and developing a community of online engagement and awareness. The brand has grown to maintain a strong membership program, brand visibility, and social media engagement through its digital marketing strategies. Shaving off the competition one post at a time.

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