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How to Build Your The Ultimate Gen-Z Positive Brand Personality

Here’s how to stand out in the eyes of your Gen-Z consumer.

Within the first couple minutes of meeting someone, you attribute them with a certain set of characteristics. In your eyes, they become shy or a social butterfly. Confident or arrogant. Funny or serious. We create this profile etched in our subconscious that influences our relationships. The same goes for brands. Brand personality is how the consumer would describe the brand in two to four descriptors. To have a successful brand you need to have a positive brand personality, especially with Generation Z.


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Let’s be honest. Speak your truth. Speak your brand’s truth. Gen-Z are today’s biggest lie detectors. If they hear a whisper of insincerity your brand will lose its positive footing with the target consumer. In essence, you can be canceled. Just take what happened to influencer Marissa Grossman as a cautionary tale. She is a youtuber/influencer best known for documenting her candid life experiences. These so-called “candid memories” quickly became exposed, following her proposal video, as premeditated pitch decks choreographed to go along with sponsorships from brands. She lost credibility with her audience and the “authentic” brand she had been cultivating. According to Tailor Brands, 31% of consumers agree that trustworthiness is the most important part of any brand and 86% of consumers lean towards following honest brand personalities on social media.


Every snowflake is unique right? Your brand should follow. With an oversaturated market, it’s important to establish what makes you a snowflake of the bat. Take the new skincare line MyTopicals, for example. The co-founders Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng sought to create a skincare line that catered to all skin conditions and skin types. This was new for the skincare world, who largely focused and studied on light skin tones. They quickly sold out on their websites and Nordstrom nationwide. Establishing what makes you different, helps you avoid an oversaturated market or competition. MyTopicals has now become a household name with skincare junkies and secured a spot on my medicine cabinet. Aumcore blog reveals how 58% of Gen-Z will pay more if products are targeted to individualized personalities.


What can you offer? What do you bring to the table? Your brand personality should have substance. Nowadays, a brand has to work extra hard to stand out. You should highlight your assets to create brand loyalty. Aumcore blog reports that “68% of Gen-Z expects brands to contribute to society”. Put a spotlight on the social causes you support. The sustainability of your packaging. The political change your brand is trying to make. Gen-Z is looking for brands that add value beyond the typical transaction. They are searching for something priceless. A treasured transaction that holds a lasting impact.

Final Thoughts

Gen-Z has changed what it means to be a “positive” brand personality. We must remember to remain authentic in our messaging, unique to connect with our consumers, and valuable to sustain our brand longevity. It’s your opportunity to make your mark amongst the competition, social media feed, and marketplace. Personality is everything, and don’t forget it.

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