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How User Experience and Customer Experience Are Different

Let’s break down how user experience and customer experience differ.

The terms “User Experience” and “Customer Experience” sound like they would be one and the same. But if we look closer at the two they have contracting roles within our digital experience. Here are the things that set the two apart.

User Experience

Let’s first dive into User Experience. User Experience or UX directly deals with people’s interaction with your product and what they get from that experienced during the interaction. This can be reviewed and measured by metrics such as success rate, abandonment rate, error rate, clicks to completion, and time to complete tasks. You know you are heading down an effective digital UX when a couple of things are checked off. These are the capability to search a particular web page, complete a task, and find specific information on a website with ease. Small Biz Genius reports that 88% of online shoppers would not return to a website following a bad experience. User Experience is more specific, it’s about the product’s efficiency for the consumer. Let’s use this website as an example. If a reader finds my website hard to navigate and click through, the UX quality is low.

Customer Experience

But unlike User Experience, Customer Experience includes all the interactions a consumer has with a brand. This is measured and reviewed in the consumer’s overall experience, the likelihood they will interact again, and the likelihood they will recommend the brand to people. As a brand, you can pat yourself on the back when the consumer has a positive, professional, helpful experience and interaction with your brand. Customer Experience is a more general assessment of a consumer’s experience. Let’s use my website again as an example. If the reader finds my website boring and my blogs hard to read then the Customer Experience quality will be low.

It can sometimes feel like the consumer space can have a lot of buzzwords attached to it. But both user experience and customer experience are essential components that contribute to a brand’s ultimate success. Both are entirely different entities from one another. But share one important similarity. They must work alongside each other for the best outcomes.  

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