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In the WWake of This Jewelry Brand

How a small business is trying to make a positive impact on the mining industry.

How do you present yourself? According to Headstream, if consumers love your brand story they are 55% more likely to buy it in the future. It’s vital to make these human connections early on. What story are you trying to tell your target consumer? The more you share the more engagement you will receive in return. It’s important for their brand to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Or in this case, their ears, fingers, wrists, or draped across their necks.

WWake is a jewelry brand aimed at sustainably sourcing its materials in an effort to reduce current commercial mining practices. They started with the belief that their “jewelry is a connection to the earth, and every hand in between”. The company strives to empower the entire supply chain that supports the execution of the final project. This is how they do it:

Empower Women

The brand itself is owned and led by females. That is why the WWake gives opportunities for growth, employment and lead positions in every step of their supply chain. They want to build stronger communities, both locally and internationally.

Locally Produced

The women who run WWake oversee all the components that go into curating their jewelry. They do this to not only ensure its quality but to make sure environmental standards are being practiced. The brand sources its materials from “responsible mining models” that share the same need to support local economic development within the community. 

Low-Impact Materials 

You might not know what “low impact materials” means. Well, WWake uses recycled diamonds, heritage gemstones rough, antique diamonds, and recycled gold. It’s all in pursuit of decreasing the need for new mining. 

Sourcing Matters

WWake is dedicated to the transparency of its sourcing materials. They are reinventing the age-old colonial ways to the modern world of ethically sourced. The brand purchases from a couple of pioneers in fair trade gemstones who highlight the importance of preservation and social development of local communities. 

These values have built a community of consumers who care beyond the superficial component of jewelry. It cuts deep and true to their belief in contributing to a better world. That is why people make their way to their online website or storefront in Brooklyn. That is why I found myself on their website shop. It’s why I keep going back. We share a common pursuit in our stories, that has more value than a single diamond ever could.

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