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Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just a Trend Anymore.

How influencer marketing evolved from a trend to a highly effective strategy and business commodity.

Trends come and go. Some, even come back. Look at Crocs, for example. It’s a common cycle in society. We use something until we’re tired of it and then we move onto the next. When most people think of influencers, we might roll our eyes. How could a social media personality be such an asset to brands? Social media platforms started as an outlet for entertainment and connection to the masses. Until someone in some very forward thinking company thought: “Maybe I can collaborate with this influencer and have them promote our product to their online audience?”. If you scale it back it makes sense. You take this very influential and popular individual and have them promote and expose your brand to their online audience. But the kind of influencer has changed. Brand’s don’t want the Jennifer Anniston’s promoting their products anymore, they want the Charlie D’amelio’s. Just look at the latest facts cited by Digital Marketing Institute on influencer marketing:

  • 70% of teens trust social media influencers more than traditional Hollywood celebrities.
  • 40% of consumers purchase something after coming across it on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. 
  • Brands get $5.78 for each dollar spent on influencer marketing campaigns.
  • By 2022,  the influencer marketing industry will reach $13.8 billion.

Now are some reasons why it’s more than just a trend:

Influencer Can Enhance Your Brand Awareness

This is one of the primary reasons why marketers use influencer marketing. Because of influencers’ high online following, there is strong potential for brand exposure. Just a single post alone can reach millions of people if you collaborate with the right influencer. Picture this, you collaborate with a famous influencer who agrees to promote your brand with one post. They post the ad. All their followers now have eyes on your brand. High engagement follows the post, with the followers liking, commenting or sharing the post. Now you have a growing online community all engaged with your brand. All because of one singular influencer post. It increases visibility and drives new consumers to your brand. It gets people talking about you. And with all the noise out there these days, that’s priceless.

Influencers Build Trust

Recommendations from influencers are highly trusted by consumers. Consumers now largely make purchases or form their decisions based on the opinion of a trusted influencer they follow. Influencers invite you into their lives. This creates a bond and relationship between the follower and influencer. It’s almost like a friendship. So when an influencer tells you a certain product is good it feels like your friend is recommending the product not a stranger on the internet. So in the end, influencers providing genuine testimonials helps increase brand loyalty.

Influencers Can Help you Revamp Your Branding

If you are looking for a way to improve your brand’s content strategy look no further. Take advantage of all the social media platforms at your disposal and get to creating some engaging and varied posts. A way to make it interesting is adding influencers into your content. It brings a certain tone and life to your posts. An air of authenticity and excitement. Create content for your followers with influencers. Take advantage of this commodity and get that engagement up!

To Wrap it Up

Influencer marketing is a game-chamber for us all. Whether you’re a brand owner, content creator or a marketing strategist it can really help the successes of a brand. Influencers have the power to harness global reach, authentic relationships and spark engagements. So use them wisely!

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