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Is a Digital Marketer a Storyteller?

How storytelling is the best way for marketers to connect to their target audience.

When it comes to the communication goals of marketing, some goals stand out as more essential than others for digital marketers. Great communication skills are vital for a brand’s success in launching a campaign, growing revenue, reaching its target audience, and securing loyalty. Great communication means great storytelling. If you want to be a marketer today, you have entered the realm of strategic storytelling. Here are the most important communication goals for you new storytellers:


Connecting to the target audience is vital for a storyteller. You have to find your authenticity. You have to find your voice. You have to find the connection between you and the consumer. Share your distinct voice, opinions, and values. Create a forum on your social media platforms. Ask questions. Answer questions. Build an open and safe dialogue between you and your consumers that establishes a long-lasting foundation of trust. Find what makes your story distinct and share it. Most importantly, let the audience share theirs. That transaction is the key to longevity.


The internet is a dense pool of 24/7 information. Whether it’s good or bad or crazy, we can all ask Siri a question and more times than not receive an answer. This informative relationship has transferred over to digital media platforms. Informing the consumer is one of the most effective ways for digital marketers to communicate to the target consumer. Brands curating informative messaging have a better likelihood of appealing to the consumer. Introduce your product. Introduce your service. Introduce your experience. Reveal interesting facts. Go behind the scenes. Whatever it is you are selling, creating an informative campaign or ad for it can be an essential component of successful communication.


There is so much competition out there these days. The market on social media is saturated with similar brands, account aesthetics, and prominent voices. Sometimes it can feel like you are scrolling from a feed of the same mindless but addicting nothing. It’s important for you, the digital marketers, to always stay present with consumers. Remind the consumer why you should focus on your story. Keep sharing your story. Keep your voice alive on their Twitter feeds. Go live on Instagram. Don’t let them forget you because there’s always another you one click away. These kids move on quickly! Just look at how fast they binge shows.

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