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It’s the Era of Social Media Storytelling

How social media influencers lead the wave of customer-led storytelling on social media.

With Social Media, the world has become incredibly interconnected. These days our access to people’s lives open us up to a deeper understanding of who the individual is. Just think about it, you know what your old high school classmate had for lunch yesterday because she posted it on Instagram. You know who your sibling went out with last weekend because it was posted all over Snap Chat last night. Our lives are now showcased through the filters of social media. Over time, there is a level of trust that builds with the people you follow on these platforms. Followers grow to feel connected to the social media influencers as they showcase their values, likes, opinions, and overall life. This design creates a trusting relationship between the influencer and the followers. If you are listening closely you might be seeing the advantage and marketing opportunity this creates for brands to reach consumers on social media platforms. Highly followed and favored social media influencers are the perfect individuals to star in customer-led storytelling promoted on social media. Time and time again brands are more frequently involved with well-known influencers to promote their brands’ products, services, or experiences. Just take the skincare company Curology for example.

Curology is a skincare company where consumers take a quick test to evaluate their skin concerns and a licensed dermatologist evaluates and provides an individualized skincare formula just for them. Now, does it already sounds like a great concept on its own? Yes. But what really made it stand out was the customer-led storytelling promoted on Youtube and Instagram by influencers. Content creators and influencers on Youtube like Emma Chamberlain, Hyram Yarbro, and Susan Yara curated Curology sponsors on their personal channels discussing their positive experiences using Curology. This not only fuels the brand’s reach to new audiences but also provides the consumer with the perceived credibility of the brand itself. Today, Curology is estimated to make annual revenue of $144.5 million and has accumulated 500,000 followers on Instagram. It is important for marketers to see the power in this online accessibility. The power of social media’s storytelling and the power storytellers have on their audience, us.

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