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Let’s Talk Content Marketing

We will break down some of the most common types of content marketing you can add to your strategy.

The first thing you should know is there is no “best” kind of content marketing. Different types are beneficial for certain parts of your business. Some help in the customer journey stage while others can be utilized during the awareness stage. These different formats allow you to communicate your efforts effectively.

Blog Content Marketing

This helps shape, build and increase traffic to your website. It shows off your personality. Your brand personality. It puts a spotlight on your voice and gives your brand a more personal touch. Now people will know if you are creatively innovative or laugh out loud funny. Maybe you’re both!

Social Media Content Marketing

It’s all about social media these days and the same applies to marketing. According to Smart Insights, over 4.62 billion people worldwide use social media. It’s the world’s biggest digital stage and you have a free pass to star on it. Social media gives us direct engagement with your audience. For most of us, the first thing we do in the morning is pick up our phones and scroll through Instagram. This makes things personal. You can advocate our purpose, directly communicate with our audience, and connect on a deeper level than you would otherwise. As an added bonus, you can build relationships with influencers and collaborate to harness broader reach and engagement on social media platforms.

Infographic Content Marketing

This is where you can get all your info in one place. You can compile a significant quantity. It can incorporate insights on the business or industry and even includes statistics or maps. You can add them to your company website, latest blog, and social media posts. Whether they are filled with detailed information or simplified, both can be an effective vehicle of communication to your reader. Infographics versatility is its secret weapon.

Podcast Content Marketing

Everyone has a podcast these days. Statista reported that 57% of consumers over 12 years old in the United States have listened to at least one podcast. Whether you are a Joe Rogan or Alex Cooper, podcasts have become a growing format for brand building, engagement, and content marketing. It’s this long-term format where you have direct content with your audience. You can share your silly stories or valuable insights. You can connect with like-minded individuals, debate with opposing views or even learn from experts. It’s a way to connect and it’s just a click and listen away.

Video Content Marketing

This year, online videos will compile more than 82% of all consumer online traffic. That is a huge opportunity for us marketers. It can help you boost engagement, create a relationship with your target audience, increase conversions and ROI. The best part is you can implement them wherever you’d like. Anywhere from your company website to social media platforms has the potential to reach your audience in a real and effective way. Everyone loves a good story. Get filming and share yours!

These examples are some types of content marketing that help you reach your audience. It can help bridge authentic connections, skyrocket engagement, and let people know what and who your brand is. So, get to creating and show the world who you are!

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