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My Interview with a Fellow Marketer

Watch my Q&A with Jim Fynes as we dive deeper into digital marketing, social media, what’s new, and the importance of educating yourself.

I was fortunate enough to interview Jim Fynes this week over zoom. He is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development at Z2 Comics. Z2 comics is a media company that specializes in curating both physical and digital products based on well-known artists, actors, and bands (Grateful Dead, Balmain, Gorillaz, and Machine Gun Kelly to name a few).

The brand strives to create personalized brand experiences for its target consumers. I really wanted to speak to him about his strategy for targeting and catering to different types of consumers, the utilization of social media platforms, and what’s new and exciting in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

“Brands who can develop actual connections through the content they place on platforms are the ones developing long term customers.  Each platform has its main user base, and each platform has specific activations that can drive traffic.  Ensuring a solid multi-channel strategy that leverages the benefits of each platform, while developing a dashboard to understand correlations between the platforms can help drive interesting insights that allow brands to iterate their social content to hone in on messaging that is connecting, while driving away from messaging that is now.”

Jim Fynes

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