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The Runway to Inclusion

For twenty-four years, Victoria’s Secret Fashion show captivated consumers’ loyalty and flaunted its branding through the idealized catwalk of the Victoria’s Secret “Angels”. Following years of criticism for its unrealistic representation of the female body, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was canceled to “evolve the marketing” of the company. Body positivity was rising in the trends. The new generations were demanding brands to promote body positivity, size-inclusivity, and the diversity and celebration of all women. No longer did we wish to see size 0’s airbrushed under a spotlight against a Beyonce-like fan to sell our lingerie. We wanted to see ourselves because of course, why can’t we be our own sexy snowflakes. Right?

This revolution of women’s empowerment opened the stage for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show. Rihanna curated her branding to represent models of all different sizes, featuring racially diverse models who showcase all the shades of her Fenty makeup line, confidently “feeling themselves” through dance routines and performances. In its diverse artistry and electric freedom, the Savage X Fenty show created the new standard of standardless beauty from the previously idealized “fantasy” of Victoria’s Secret’s marketing campaigns. This was a new value missing in the market.

 A value that has not only built consumer loyalty but sparked acceptance in oneself. Trust me, that’s way more valuable than what you wear under your clothes. At the end of the day, this kind of product succeeds in the marketplace when marketers facilitate a community of healthy empowerment and body positivity. Savage X Fenty’s bold marketing strategy, utilizing the weakness in Victoria’s Secret’s lack of inclusivity and forging it as strength in its own company, helps build product awareness, consumer loyalty, and customer engagements. Put simply, Victoria’s Secret walked so Savage X Fenty could strut into a new stage.

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