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Here is a Brand Sponsor that Speaks for Herself

Amanda Gorman lands a partnership deal with Estee Lader to be the face of political change.

In the fast-paced space of social media, brands are seeking to find the next best approach to engage the public. Every company wants its brand name trending on Twitter, shared excessively on Facebook, and falling viral to the dense void of TikTok. But, not everyone knows how to climb those levels of the social media hierarchy. Brands have to strategize and adapt just as quickly as the trends come and go to make any lasting impact. Big-name brands are connecting with social media influencers to promote their messaging, allowing them to engage their audience in a completely new and effective medium. But it is not always about the Justin Bieber’s stripping down in their Calvin Kleins for a seasonal ad campaign or the Rihanna’s who collaborate with Puma to create the silhouette of the Creepers sneakers. It’s about the influencers voicing self-love, body positivity, inclusion, sustainability, and equal rights that are revolutionizing how brands choose to advocate their brand messaging. It’s about the new kind of celebrity: the virtual hub of disruptive digital activists. 

Who are these activists you might ask?

America’s first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate signed a three-year partnership deal in the pursuit of change. Amanda Gorman first tapped into the political subconscious of America on center stage at the opening of President Biden’s inauguration with her poem “The Hill We Climb”. This was the beginning of her public recognition as an activist and the beginning of many well-known brands flooding her business email and DMing her on Instagram. After competing amongst $17 million deals, Estee Lader was able to sign Gorman as the next brand ambassador of the beauty brand. Brands like Estee Lader realized the who behind who is chosen to represent the brand was evolving. The new wave of social activism displayed online called for a new kind of voice to generate consumer engagement. Amanda Gorman’s partnership with Estee Lader, as the first “Global ChangeMaker”, will help facilitate the brand’s philanthropic initiative called “Writing Change”. This social pursuit will progress literacy to foster social change, accessibility, and equality. Which sounds like a perfect alignment or a mutually beneficial exchange if you ask me.

Now, I remember that day she stood on that podium and soothed my bruised heart. I remember that feeling of togetherness, of empowerment, of the potential for a change I had missed for years. I remember how others felt the same. Even the ones who didn’t expect it. She emoted her proclamation of social change on her own creative footing. So, just imagine what Estee Lader can achieve with that kind of socially conscious and publically recognizable collaboration. Because these days, brands are thriving off the voices they choose to magnify their messaging and the songs they choose to hit play on.

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