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Started on Shark Tank now they’re here

How enviromentally- friendly products rose to popularity.

Environmental issues are a prominent trend in the consciousness of today’s marketplace. Brands are marketing their products to adhere to new standards of sustainability. Climate change has been an overarching theme in the shadows of American politics for decades. But with the new generation of consumers, the worries of climate change have extended past a local ballot box. The emerging generations are educated on issues relating to climate change. They are adjusting their purchasing habits and investing their time in brands that align with the core value of improving this planet. So it’s no surprise that the sustainable household cleaning company Blueland has dominated the marketplace with its environmental initiatives.

The zero-waste cleaning product, Blueland, first captures the world’s attention on the television series Shark Tank. Kevin O’ Leary chose to invest $270,000 into the company that aims to maximize its environmental impact and ricochet global adoption. Blueland sells reusable “forever” bottles and ingredient concentrated dry tablets that when combined with water transform into hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and much more. Blueland is not only promoting a product but supplying an initiative for consumers to take part in.

 Community is what sets them apart from their competitors. A community of conscious consumers all trying to make the same global impact. It all started at the bottom of a reusable glass bottle and a small tablet but now has grown oceans away. 

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