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Step-By-Step on How to Build A Social Listening Plan.

We will break down the process of building a social listening plan for your brand.

Social media has curated a landscape of consumer sentiment. Brand owners listen up! If you do not have a social listening plan set up you are losing valuable insights and data that will grow your brand. According to Hootesuite, almost two-thirds of marketers agree that there has been an increase in value for social listening. Now you might be asking yourself, what is social listening? Well, it is the ability to monitor and track social media platforms’ engagements in relation to your brand. It allows you the opportunity to analyze these mentions and conversions and find insights.

Choose Your Goals

Decide what it is you want to achieve while analyzing your social media channel. Write out objectives of things you wish to learn and better understand. For example, you might want to learn how much engagement your recent product launch got versus your previous one. Maybe you even want to compare it to a competitor’s product launch.

What are You Looking For?

Choose what it is you want to analyze. Survey hashtags. Keep track of your engagements from likes to shares on your social media channels. You can even analyze competitor metrics.


Decide what social media channels are worth monitoring. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin are all great sources of metrics. See which offers the most valuable insights into your brand.


Figure out how you will be able to compile this data. Hubspot reports the top 5 tracking tools to be Hubspot Social Media Management Software, Sprout Social, Falcon.io, Hootsuite, and Buffer.


Iron out who within your team will be responsible for what metrics. Who will be analyzing this data? Who is reporting the data? Decide who is in charge of approval or changes as a result of insights.


This is when you decide how often you will report on your social media metrics. Will it be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually? Could it even be all of the above?

Ultimately, Social Listening allows you to create a deeper understanding of how consumers view and think about your brand. Do they love you? Did your last launch fall short? Are they sharing it with their friends online? This can be done just by analyzing what people are saying on your social media channels. You can even learn about competition’s sentiment if you wanted to as well. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity is too important to pass up. You can improve your social media content, market share and overall profit. Remember, all this valuable research is easily available at the simple touch of your mobile phone. You have 24/7 connectivity to market research. Use it wisely!

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