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Why are YouTubers gaining Subscribers Loyalty?

The youtube platform has expanded the meaning of customer loyalty.

The everyday customer is always looking for the greatest value or better yet the greatest perceived value in the exchange process. As companies and brands evolve, so do the consumers. YouTube was founded in 2005 to centralize online video sharing onto one platform. It is the entertainment epicenter of content for the younger generations. In 2020 alone, the online platform generated $19.7 billion in revenue with the top 10 biggest YouTubers earning around $20 million each in just revenue. With a total of 2.3 billion youtube users, it’s no surprise that brands and companies utilize this giant platform to engage the masses in a new more personable way. It is also no surprise that people would take the opportunity to create their own channel to promote their own product. Their own product being themselves.

In recent years, YouTubers have risen to match the popularity of mainstream media celebrities. Whether we’re talking about youtube channels like Pewdiepie or Ryans World, these creators all garner a giant following of subscribers. Subscribers are YouTube’s way of tracking customer loyalty within their prospective brand(channel). The subscribe button is YouTube’s way of engaging the user to choose what they see as valuable for their daily content. But what’s truly difficult is figuring out how to grow your channel to accumulate millions of not only views but loyal subscribers that continue watching your content.

With the dense void of competition, how does a YouTuber stand out?

In past purchasing exchanges, there is a personal connection manufactured between the consumer and the brand. From a car salesman to a phone customer service representative, what brings consumers back is the friendship or trust made in the exchange process. Well, the same can be said with YouTube. Its users search for channels that they can build, in essence, a relationship with. YouTubers who share their values, beliefs, and experiences build an online refuge for the customer.  Structured uploads that keep subscribers engaged, curious for more, and cement a virtual community to propel not only brand awareness but also consumer loyalty. Content that is consciously edited to fuel an authentic unfiltered relationship between the channel and its subscribers. The younger generations yearn for transparency. They seek it in all mediums, including their content.

For YouTube, customer loyalty lies in the truth and the connections built on that foundation. This perceived value makes all the difference. It can make the simple but meaningful difference between a user hitting the subscribe button or not on your channel.

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