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This Is How the BrandAsset Valuator Can Help You

Learn how the world’s largest database of consumer’s brand perceptions can benefit you and your brand.

If you don’t already know, the BrandAsset Valuator or BAV is Young & Rubican’s proprietary global databases and brand management tool with the world’s greatest database, including data from more than 60,000 global brands across over 50 countries worldwide. To understand their perception of around 13,000 brands, the advertising agency has compiled interviews with over 100,000 consumers in 32 countries. This database has the ability to help drive consumer passion, offer unique insights of your brand’s perception in the marketplace and create brand growth. So let’s break down what this can offer us:

Cements Your Competitive Advantages

It’s important for the longevity of your brand to stand out when it comes to brand value. According to Invesp, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands they are familiar with rather than entirely new brands. In short, brand value can help put a spotlight on you or your brand. This tool can help you identify trends and opportunities to elevate your product or service proximity, mergers and acquisition activity and current geographic growth. It can offer the advantage of insights in the marketplace ahead of your competitors. If used effectively, you got yourself a tool that can help you predict market shifts and trends.

Corroborate Your Efforts Thus Far

We all seek validation. We’re human after all. By utilizing BAV, we can add science and data to back our creative branding. This tool allows us to track our return on branding. We can weave in measurements to fully assess our management of the brand over a long period of time. This can even help bring your team closer together. If you are all working toward identified goals there is a better chance for success. After all, we are all in this together.

Circle Research reports that “77% of marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth”. A positive consumer perception of a brand can lead to trust, achieving goals and targets, and even charging a premium. While a negative consumer perception of a brand can acquire skepticism, discounted pricing and not reaching the goals. Tools like the BrandAsset can be your secret weapon for making your up and coming brand a triumph and valuable amongst the sea of its competitors. It’s all about perception, and you should do all you can to stay ahead of the game.

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