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This is How You Nail a Data Presentation at Work.

Tips on how to present data effectively to your colleagues.

We all dread those meetings. The ones with your coworkers, boss and your boss’s boss. It’s nerve racking to say the least. You just want to make a good impression. Most importantly, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time. When it comes to creating effective data presentations there are some steps you can follow that can breed a good presentation. It could even boost your credentials with your superiors. So here are some tips I rounded up so you can look your very professional best:

Read the Room

It’s important to establish who is on your calendar invite. Who will be looking at your presentation? This helps you decide the level of information you choose to present. If you are simply presenting to fellow colleagues make sure you showcase a detailed level of information. You want the people that work alongside you to understand your work, vision and possibly help you in later projects. But with senior level leadership, provide them with high level information that directly affects the business. Eliminate the heavy stuff!

LAY it all OUT There

The presentation layout is your audience’s first impression of your data. Make sure you have slide titles that include your viewer. Creates data visualizations that showcase trends, forecasting, or notable analysis from the data. I would recommend not spending more than a couple of minutes presenting a slide. Remember, 10 minutes maximum on 1 slide for 6 slides is an hour-long presentation. So try to keep it short, sweet, and smart!

Give Context to Content

It’s important to add some key elements to your presentation. It’s great to open it up by setting the audience’s expectation for what’s to come. Summarize your key findings early on. The main takeaways from the presentation. Feature this alongside data or graphs to support your analysis. Then show them your recommendations. This is your time to explain what you think your next steps should be.

It can be intimidating to present in front of your peers and senior leadership. You always want to make a good impression. Always want to share the most effective story. I hope these tips bring you one step closer to building an effective data presentation.

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