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To A/B or not A/B, that is the question

The benefits of A/B testing on social media platforms.

These days, social media platforms are always moving on to the next. With all the competition, social media platforms utilize any strategy to ensure rising engagement and popularity amongst their users. A/B testing is a great asset for companies to adhere to the needs and desires of the masses. Beyond meeting the consumer’s demands, it’s uncovering the best mode of action or creation for the brand itself. When it comes to A/B testing you might first think about its benefits to traditional marketing. But it also has a significant role in improving social media platforms and the social media content creators they house.

In early September, Facebook announces it is in the beginning stages of rolling out the new Organic Video Post Testing tool to assist creators in the A/B test portion of their video posts. With the new ‘Create Post Tests’ option, users can create up to four variations of video posts to test against a percentage of their audience. After acquiring all the impressions following a set time, the ‘leading’ post will be published to its full audience.  This tool is currently only available to a small group of users but Facebook is currently working to expand its reach to more users after initial feedback.

Facebook recognized how valuable the inclusion of A/B testing will be not only to assist in the content creation of Facebook users themselves but also to make Facebook a more valuable social media platform. Creating an A/B test tool, so readily available to brands at large, will aid in building stronger connections with consumers, higher engagement amongst target audiences, an increase in conversion rate, and a drop in bounce rates. Facebook will excel as a leading asset for marketers and content creators.  All in all, it seems like a mutually beneficial exchange to me. 

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