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Reasons why ASOS’ is the Unbeatable E-Commerce Empire

How UK e-commerce site grabbbed the attention of online shoppers internationally.

The mobile shopping platform ASOS has created an uncontested consumer experience. It has launched a globally successful eCommerce retailer service that reaches 196 countries. ASOS excels through its personalized marketing and consumer priority policies. They have curated a mobile platform that easily navigates the process of shopping, purchasing, shipping, and tracking prospective orders. To foster consumer engagement, an online feedback channel was created to advance upon UI improvements. ASOS invests in inclusion throughout its branding by incorporating genderless fashion and removing gender-specific titles across the platform. The platform is also tailored to include and filter through all sizes, ranging from tall to petite. These are some of the many reasons why a UK eCommerce retailer has gained such widespread brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

But what has online shoppers coming back?

Personally, I believe one strategy sets them apart from its competitors. In the big blue ocean of the fashion industry, ASOS has discovered a strategy that has steered them waves apart. Its ASOS decision to automate its operational process in the warehouses. As a result, ASOS offers free shipping, free return parcel, same-day or next-day delivery at a competitively good price. All of this equating to the enhancement of the consumer experience. 

Online shopping can be a time-consuming and difficult expense for the average online shopper. We have all been stuck on a lengthy email chain with a consumer service representative about obtaining a return parcel for a broken product. Perplexed by the added expense of not only paying for an item to be shipped to you but to be shipped back after a disappointing unboxing. Or anger following the realization that your return will only be accepted back as store credit. ASOS eliminates all these stressors for the everyday online shopper, making them the more desirable voyage to navigate.

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