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What Digital Marketing Beginners Should Start Using Today.

How platform utilization will help new digital marketers showcase their expertise.

We have all heard the phrase: “You have to get on social media” and there’s a good reason for it. Platform utilization is the perfect way for brands to promote their brand and engage with customers on a more immediate basis. It can help you increase brand awareness, social engagements, and build a virtual community of loyal customers. It is the perfect way for digital marketers to illustrate their expertise in marketing. But, it is important that you keep up with the ever-changing realm of social media.


This social media platform was created for business communication and business geared professionals who want to advertise B2B products and connect with potential business partners, contacts, or consumers. Agency Vista argues that it’s “the most important network for B2B marketers to network and make new connections with prospects, clients, and business partners”. According to Hootsuite blog, there are currently 55 million active businesses residing on Linkedin. This is a great opportunity for digital marketers to grow their audience, promote their brand or product, and create connections with potential customers. Unlike other social media platforms, what sets Linkedin apart is its design to cater to professionals. So, explore Linkedin. Follow other like-minded professionals in your industry. See what they post. Engage with their content. Use it to not only build these valuable connections but also build credibility as a professional marketer.


Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.8 billion active users globally. It is a network that allows people to connect and share themselves and their brands to individuals across the world. It can also function as a free marketing tool for businesses and digital marketers. According to Facebook for Business, two-thirds of Facebook users say they visit a local businesses page at least once a week. This is a perfect opportunity for digital marketers to exercise this tool and showcase their marketing expertise to their Facebook followers. This platform is more reliant on showing your personality. Learn what your target audience gravitates towards by utilizing Facebook Audience Insights to learn their demographics. Don’t just post text. Post videos and photos alongside text. Give the viewer a more immersive and personalized experience.


In a nutshell, Instagram is a social media platform that was designed to share users’ videos and photos but has transcended to a digital marketer’s dream tool. Facebook owns Instagram, even though the platforms are separate, Instagram’s inventory is an automatic placement for paid digital campaigns posted on Facebook. But people roam the platforms for different reasons. People browse Instagram for brands in lifestyle, travel, food fashion, beauty, and others who are centered around imagery or video-driven content. This is a great space for digital marketers to build a visual experience for their target audience. Be authentic. Be funny. Post daily. Curate an online hub of followers who interact with your content by liking it, sharing it, or commenting on it.

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