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What Motivates You To Use Social Media?

Here are some reasons why you use social media and might not even realize it.

Social Media is pretty new in the grand scheme of how we as humans have evolved to interact. But is the psychology of it really that groundbreaking? It provides individuals the platform to connect, share, learn and explore the world around them. It’s a digital lens, capturing a filtered world. We might see social media as that dark void that keeps us in a mindless rabbit hole for hours on end. But what really compels us to use it?

We Seek Validation

We want to feel loved. We want to feel accepted. We want to feel like. That’s what social media is, a platform built on manufactured validation. We post pictures of ourselves and watch the likes climb. Did we get enough likes? What did my friends comment? All these things run on a loop. For marketers, we seek acknowledgment that the target audience is engaging. That campaign secured positive sentiment, social engagement, and consumer loyalty.

To Document Our Lives

Smart Insights Blog reports that the average daily time spent on social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes. We share photo albums on Instagram, job changes on Linkedin, Instagram stories with our followers and videos on Youtube. Just take a look at Youtuber and Influencer Emma Chamberlain. She came to fame at 17 posting vlogs in her house. Chamberlain quickly grew to success through her sense of humor and authentic self deprecation. Teens related to her and she have Youtube views in the 10s of millions. She has now made a brand for herself and branched out as a podcast host, business owner and collaborates with top designer brands like Louis Vuitton. All because of a little thing called vlogging.

We are Too Curious Not To 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? I know for me it’s to check Instagram. It’s become as primal as blinking. We are curious creatures. According to Pew Research, 48% of U.S. adults reported getting their news from social media “often”. That’s a whole new way to digest current events. For example, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is largely being documented through social media. War crimes, the exposure of Russian propaganda and refugees’ journey to flee has all been documented the past couple of weeks on all these platforms. News accounts like Mosheh and Maksimc Chmerkovskiy have been digitally documenting the war since its inception.

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