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What Omnichannel Marketing Looks Like in 2022

Here are some insights and examples of omnichannel marketing this year.

Omnichannel marketing is simpler than the name makes it seem. It simply means keeping the continuity of all marketing initiatives across all channels. This can vary anywhere from an Ecommerce website to a mobile app you can download on your phone. Its things like retail stores, messaging services and other devices. Marketers work to integrate the consumer’s experience between all channels. According to Harvard Business Review, omnichannel customers spend 4% more time online than other customers. Your goal is to find and take out any pain points or bumps that negatively impact customer engagement. These are two examples of successful omnichannel marketing we have seen this year.


Nordstrom has made some alterations to their customer purchase journey since the beginning of the pandemic. With the surge of online shopping, Nordstrom saw the opportunity to allow customers the experience of pick-up orders. They allow customers to pick up orders today or tomorrow at any Nordstrom retail store. Customers can easily go on the app and place an order. The app will alert you of the progress of the order and when it is ready to be picked up. When order is ready for pick-up, simply drive up to one of the designated parking spots and call the number you will find in a sign nearby. A Nordstrom salesperson will pick up and ask what parking spot you are in. Within minutes of providing your parking spot number, a salesperson will give you your Nordstrom purchase. You not only skipped lines but were able to experience a contactless purchase experience.


A week ago eBay opened up a pop-up shop exclusively dedicated to sneakerheads. Because eBay fosters a huge marketplace for trading sneakers, they decided to venture out into a physical shopping experience. The “Wear ‘Em Out” Store’s inventory had a wide selection of sneakers that consumers can go try on, buy and wear out. This was a great way to integrate the online and in-store shopping experience. It was not only a great way to engage with their loyal consumers but provide a new kind of purchase experience for the consumer.

The goal of omnichannel marketing is to make everything you do look seamless. Your target customer has a consistent purchase journey. The experience from looking through the brand’s social media campaign to purchasing the product or service in a physical store should feel natural and easy. It’s all about creating the smoothest marketing ride for your consumer.

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